March 16, 2024

RJ45 connectors come in two types of designs: pass-through and traditional non-pass-through.

The pass-through design offers several advantages over the traditional one. First and foremost, it simplifies the termination process. With ITBEBE RJ45 pass-through connectors, you can easily insert the wires through the connector, eliminating the need to trim and arrange them meticulously. This feature saves time and reduces the chances of errors during installation.

Pass-through connectors are more user-friendly and timesaving than the traditional ones, although a specific specialized crimping tool is required to crimp them properly.

Pass-through structured crimping tools are specially designed for pass-through RJ45 connectors. The built-in blade can trim extra wires completely during the crimping process, making wiring work easier and more efficient.


Crimping Tools for RJ45 pass-through connectors

These types of crimping tools work with both pass-through and traditional connectors. So, before purchasing a new crimping tool, remember to check if the tool is compatible with pass-through connectors or not.