ITBEBE Gold-Plated Pass Through RJ45 Cat6 Connectors and Cable Strain Relief 50/50 Kit

  • 100-PIECE combo jar includes 50 clear gold-plated Pass Through RJ45 Cat6 connectors and 50 clear Pass Through RJ45 Cat6 Strain Relief. Make snag-proof ethernet connections for your Cat6 and Cat6A data network installations.
  • ELIMINATE CROSS-TALK and other network interference when you make solid ethernet cable connections. ITBEBE RJ45 Pass Through Connectors and Strain Relief enhance flex life performance and tensile strength.
  • PASS-THROUGH DESIGN allows quick, accurate wiring order and reduces distance between wire twists and contacts. ITBEBE Pass Through RJ45 connectors boast a 3-prong design enhances alignment with the conductor.
  • SNAG-PROOF TAB on our strain relief extends over the plug’s locking tab, prolonging patch cord life and giving terminations a professional look. You’ll also maintain bend radiuses for standards compliance.
  • UL AND ROHS COMPLIANT for your peace of mind. ITBEBE Pass Through RJ45 Connectors and Strain Relief come in a convenient screw-top jar for easy storing and retrieval. Stop searching through scattered and broken pieces.

Product description

Length: CAT6 50+50


Build out complex connections with ease

Whether you're faced with connecting WiFi access points or populating subnets for classrooms or new departments, ITBEBE Pass Through RJ45 Connectors and Strain Relief let you make fast, solid connections that deliver optimal performance and deter frequency noises. Our clear pass-through connectors allow technicians to identify wiring order, and the 3-prong design enhances alignment with the conductor. These make professional-looking crimps and prevent both accidental and unauthorized disconnections.

Don't get hung-up with snags and tangles

Intelligently designed with a snag-proof tab that locks over the plug, our stress relief pieces extend patch cord life and ensure that bend radiuses maintain standards compliance. Once crimped, the strain relief relaxes to prevent over-compression of cable pairs, thus allowing peak electrical performance. ITBEBE RJ45 connectors and stress relief are also easier to unlock, making unplugging from jacks and ports less problematic. Our 100-piece combo jar is compatible with all Cat6 and Cat6A data network installations.

Quality you can count on

ITBEBE Pass Through RJ45 Connectors and Strain Relief are FCC, UL and RoHS compliant for Category 6 performance per EIA/TIA B.2. They store in their own wide-mouth jar to protect against breakage and allow easy retrieval. Each jar contains 50 Pass Through RJ45 connector pieces and 50 Pass Through RJ45 ethernet cable strain relief pieces.

Achieve peak performance with clean, reliable connections. Add the100-Piece ITBEBE Pass Through-RJ45 Cat6 Connectors and Strain Relief Pack to your cart today.