RJ45 In-Line Coupler Connector for Cat7 Cat6 Cat5E Cable Extender Adapter 1-piece


Product benefits

✅ EXPAND THE REACH of your ethernet LAN network without replacing cables or losing signal integrity. The ITBEBE RJ45 Ethernet Coupler instantly connects 2 cables for data and communications applications.

✅ MORE COST-EFFECTIVE and time-saving than swapping-out short cables for longer ones, our In-Line Ethernet Cable Coupler is remarkably less expensive and snaps into place in seconds to keep data flowing.

✅ UNIVERSALLY COMPATIBLE with Cat7, Cat6, Cat5 and Cat5E networks, our RJ45 Ethernet Coupler boasts nickel-plated contacts and snap-in retaining clips to align precisely and securely for reliable connections.

✅ FEED-THROUGH CONNECTION with our modular female-to-female RJ45 cable coupler easily extends cable runs without performance loss. There’s no need for an IT specialist or even wire strippers or crimpers.

✅ CERTIFIED COMPLIANT with the TIA/EIA 568-C.2 Standard, the ITBEBE 8P8C RJ45 Ethernet Connector Plug is also FCC and RoHS compliant. Our in-line coupler supports up to 10 gigabytes for Cat7/Cat6 cables.

Product description
Quantity: 1 -Piece  |  Color:Black 

✅ The simple solution to extra cable length
When your ethernet LAN cable is buried in a wall, there's no need for invasive re-cabling in order to gain more cord length. With the ITBEBE RJ45 8P8C Cable Coupler, you can add on to existing cable in a snap for greater network flexibility. This palm-size connector plug is the practical, cost-conscious way to join two RJ45-terminated cables together to form 1 long cable without any splicing or dangerous modifications.

✅ Quick, easy connectivity
Why wait for an IT specialist to get to your work request? Whether you need to make a hub-to-hub connection or add a peripheral device to the network, the ITBEBE RJ45 Cable Extender Coupler gets you on-line in 2 clicks. This female-to-female adapter features nickel-plated contacts that align exactly with your ethernet cables. Retaining clips create firm, secure connections that ensure strong signal transmission and high-speed performance. This premium ethernet in-line coupler supports up to 10 gigabytes for Cat7/Cat6 cables.

✅ Quality you can count on
ITBEBE RJ45 in-line cable couplers are made with the highest quality components and craftsmanship for your peace of mind. They are FCC and RoHS compliant, and they conform to TIA/EIA 568-C.2 Standards for backward compatibility and interoperability. This ensures that our internet line connectors are equally compatible with Cat7, Cat6, Cat5 and Cat5E networks.

✅ Extend your ethernet reach without sacrificing signal integrity. Add the ITBEBE RJ45 Connector Coupler Adapter Plug to your cart today.